Photograph of someone on Bellingham Green
Photo of Phoenix Futures member, Zhane Lunan
Zhane Lunan
Monday 29th April 2019 - 13:06

Celebrating Lewisham’s young people

Zhane Lunan is a lifelong Phoenix resident. Here, she explains why young people must be listened to.

I used to be shy and not confident when meeting new people. So when I heard Phoenix was creating a new group for young people, it seemed interesting to me.

It was a chance to explore different interests, to learn new skills and develop my confidence.

Phoenix Futures has been my chance to find my voice - and now, together, the group is working to help make a difference to other young people in Lewisham.

It’s so important to get young people’s voices out there. With a fall in the number of youth clubs, we need safe spaces for young people, where we can relax with our friends, have fun and talk about our experiences.

Young people know what young people need in the community, but our voices are ignored by people who don’t understand.

That’s why we’re organising a festival for young people.

Lewisham Link-up is for young people to express themselves. We’ll make t-shirts, enjoy music and take part in performances. And it’s an opportunity to express how you feel.

It’ll be a safe, energetic space to get your voice out there and to celebrate our community - and the one we want.

Lewisham Link-up is for 11-16 year-olds and their families. Phoenix Futures organises workshops and personal and professional mentoring. Anyone aged 16-25 who lives in south Lewisham can join.