Young Phoenix resident Mikey standing in a kitchen wearing an apron, looking at the camera and smiling.
Young Phoenix resident Mikey standing in front of a black wall at the side of Phoenix's community building, The Green Man
Mikey Koranteng
Tuesday 30th January 2018 - 11:16

Building a better future

Mikey Koranteng is a musician, student and Phoenix resident. He is part of the Young Makers’ Agency, Phoenix's community project for creative young residents. In our last resident blog to mark Phoenix's 10th birthday, Mikey talks about the future of our community. "The Young Makers’ Agency has helped me develop my music. There’s the opportunity for us to record for free which makes things easier. They help us understand what to write about, that we have more to say." An increasing number of younger residents like Mikey will have lived in a Phoenix property their whole life. Phoenix wants to engage with and empower these young people, and the Young Makers’ Agency (YMA) is one of the ways that we're supporting them to become more confident and active in their community. After ten years together, our vision remains to build a better future for the community, through our model of resident leadership. That means providing new homes and opportunities. In October 2017 residents moved into Phoenix's first residential development at Hazelhurst Court. The 60 new extra care properties will not only provide a secure home for older people, they will also give many more families a home - and a new start - as a result of existing properties becoming available. This is what our first new development looks like: We want to build quality homes and make best use of our existing properties and resources for the good of the whole community. Building works are about to start at three other sites in south Lewisham. Looking forward to our next 10, 20, 30 and 50 years together, the question is: where will our residents lead us next?