Photo of a child enjoying Summer Fun at Bellingham Green
Photo of author Annie Beaver and her children
Annie Beaver
Tuesday 7th May 2019 - 08:56

Amazing day in the sun at Summer Fun

Annie Beaver is a stay at home mum to two young daughters – and, last year, the family had a brilliant day out at Summer Fun.

I really look forward to the summer holidays as it means I get the opportunity to spend lots of quality time with my daughters without the constraints of school, homework and after school clubs.

However, the downside to this is there is a lot of time to fill and many of the local summer activities cost money. 

Like most families, we struggle with money during the rest of the year, but I’m even more conscious of budget during the long summer holidays. Although we love just hanging out in the park with scooters and enjoying all the amazing free museums that London can offer, we are also always looking for new and exciting activities that aren’t going to break the bank!

It was on social media that I discovered the Summer Fun days run by Phoenix. We noticed that there was one on near us on Bellingham Green which advertised a free bouncy castle. This alone was enough to sell it to my children but when we arrived we found so much more.

Straight away they were able to have their faces painted professionally, and then we were lucky enough to be entertained by the super talented Bubbleologist, Tall Will.

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that are the best and they spent a magnificent hour running in and out of the bubbles and practicing making their own HUGE bubble to jump through! 

Ice creams were then enjoyed to give them energy to tackle the climbing wall and then, of course, the bouncy castle provided yet more the point that I think we may have been the last ones to leave. Finally, the brilliantly creative balloon modelling tent provided a keepsake to take home with us.

Summer Fun was an amazing day out for us all. I had the opportunity to hang out with other adults in my local community (we saw at least three children from my daughter’s school), relaxed in the knowledge that my children were having a fantastic time.

Meanwhile, my daughters could experience everything the afternoon could offer without me saying ‘no, we don’t have enough money’. For a family like us living on a tight budget, this is an indescribably wonderful feeling. 

So, if an afternoon of free fun and entertainment sounds like a dream come true for you during the summer holidays, then look out for Phoenix’s next Summer Fun days near you.

Summer Fun is returning in July and August. If you’d like to help us put on these days for families in our community, please vote for Summer Fun in Tesco’s Bags of Help campaign. All you have to do is visit a Tesco in Lewisham and cast a vote at the checkout - find out more here.